Kitchen Upgrade Project

A kitchen is a very important part of a house especially when the family is big. At Spirit of Mercy Orphanage our family is big (31 kids), only that our kitchen requires some upgrades and vital resources so that it can well cater for the needs of all members in our family. All our stoves use wood as the fuel and lack effective chimney system for smoke and steam disposal. Cooking becomes a great challenge due to the smoke from the stove. We wish to install an effective chimney system (Hood Ductile System) that will effectively dispose steam and smoke hence make cooking easier. The wood stove cannot be used to cook fast foods therefore kids wake up to cold breakfast before going to school. To remedy this, we need an alternative mode of cooking. This requires us to purchase a liquid petroleum gas cylinder (50 Kg) and stove. Dish washing has always been a hectic job for us here. We normally put water in two separate big pans and use them to wash the dishes. This leads to having problems when disposing the dirty water and our kitchen ends up being dirtier. Installation of a huge kitchen sink would be the ultimate solution for the whole dish washing challenge. We believe with these improvements in our kitchen, the nutrition program at Spirit of Mercy Orphanage will be successful.

  • Hood Ductile Chimney
  • Purchase of Gas cooker and Gas cylinder(50kg)
  • Purchase of kitchen sink

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Kitchen Upgrade

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