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Spirit of Mercy Children’s Home is a registered institution under the ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social services

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The spirit of mercy children’s home is a rehabilitation and early childhood development center, for children from different regions of Kenya. It serves as a sanctuary hosting the destitute, orphans and abandoned children in the society. Giving them profound hope and a promise for a good future. It was founded on 7th March 2007 by Mrs. Salome Wanjiku Gatune. Since then the home has helped many children hence changing their lives through shelter, education, food program, health care, clothing and talent nurturing.

Currently the spirit of mercy is a home to 34 children of age 4 through 17. We believe we can host more than 200 children in the near future, this would enlarge the dream hence enable outreach to more children in the society who need a sanctuary like spirit of mercy children’s home. For this goal to be achieved we dearly need some improvements/changes in the major programs i.e. shelter, education, healthcare, feeding, clothing among others. We have therefore take this moment to reach out to well-wishers, organizations or donors who wish to help The Spirit of mercy children’s home realize its dream of hosting more orphans and abandoned children.

The spirit of mercy children’s home has a volunteer board member, well-wishers, and few staff members who support in the running of the Centre. Spirit of mercy children’s home is based at Kahawa West, Nairobi, Kenya.


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